Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

The Six Perfections

Avalokiteshvara statue

In our lives, 90% of the time we are experiencing obstacles that come about because of our obscuration. This obscuration is the cause of all the suffering we experience in this world, and is a result of the Three Poisons - desire, aversion and ignorance - which gives rise to all the different types of disease that we experience. But often, when people are not happy with their present condition, instead of facing up to their condition, they will find something to distract their minds. This is why we need to understand the importance of acting in a way that can generate the right kind of conditions. To do so, we need to adopt the practice of the Paramitas - The Six Perfections.

The Six Perfections are the action and activity of those who practice the Bodhisattvayana - The Path of the Bodhisattva. The Six Perfections are the Perfection of Generosity, which enables you to overcome difficulties and free yourself from obscuration; the Perfection of Discipline, which gives you true freedom from obstacles; the Perfection of Patience, which enables you to generate benefit for yourself and others; the Perfection of Diligence, through which you can overcome laziness and achieve a true state of happiness; the Perfection of Meditation, which stabilises the mind; and through gradually cultivating the practice of the first five paramitas, one will engender the Perfection of Wisdom, whereby all things will be easy to understand.

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