Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Farewell to Anger

Thangka image of Dorje Dragpo Tsal, Conqueror of all Outer, Inner and Secret Obstacles, which originate, without exception, from the karmic condition of the mind

Seeking only our own happiness and pleasure, we fill our minds with all kinds of distractions and wrong views, but the more we find that these fail to deliver the result we desire, the more cynical, unhappy and angry we become.

In the latest Audio Teaching, ‘Farewell to Anger’, Venerable Lama Dondrup Dorje explains that it is common for ordinary beings to practise self-denial rather than acknowledging their own mistakes. When the mind is wholesome, every living cell in the body will also be wholesome, but when the mind is busy entertaining that which is false and impure, afflictive emotions and sickness of the body naturally arise. Relying upon the fixation of conceptual ideas will only bring more suffering to our lives; but when we strive to emulate the conduct of the great Bodhisattvas by following the path of Bodhicitta, we gain the opportunity to liberate ourselves from the unwholesome attachment to worldly distraction and emotional turmoil, and in so doing, attain a state of happiness and lasting harmony.

Seeing that no one has ever liberated themselves by their own effort alone, the Bodhisattva who seeks enlightenment relies on the instruction of their guru with perfect devotion. Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje gives the example of the disciple whose master drags him from his bed by his hair in the middle of the night, and in so doing skilfully removes the last bit of anger from his mind.

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