Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Seeing Obstacles as Blessings on the Path

Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje giving Dharma teaching to students in Singapore

In the Audio Teaching ‘Seeing Obstacles as Blessings on the Path’, Ven Lama Dondrup Dorje describes the essential qualities of one who wishes to learn Dharma. The determination should be strong; the application of energy should be soft; the aspiration should be big; and in all things one should be mindful, speaking always with humility.

Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje also describes the correct attitude of a Dharma practitioner. A true Dharma practitioner should always show respect to his senior and elder; unperturded by the conceptual view of winning or losing and happy to offer victory to his peers; and to those who are of lesser ability, he display genuine courtesy and humility. Most importantly, he does not get too excited when things go well nor does he get unhappy when things do not go smoothly.

The attitude of an ordinary person is however very different: whenever their body is free of sickness, their mind immediately turn to the grasping of worldly desires; and when the path upon which they embark appeared to be smooth and trouble free, they are instantly beset with pride. For this reason a true Dharma practitioner perceives obstacles and sickness as ways of liberation, as tools of practice that will bring forth the fruition of lasting happiness. They understand that it is through facing up to these challenging conditions that all the beneficial qualities of patience, compassion and understanding can be cultivated.

All obstacles and challenging conditions are in fact true blessing in disguise which offers us the wonderful opportunity to raise our practice to a higher level.

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