Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Freedom from Fixation - Part 4

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In the last part of the current series of Audio Teachings on Freedom from Fixation, Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje sheds light on the suffering that we bring about through our fixation with gain and loss and through our fixation with anger.

One who wants to win, who wants to be right, is one who is insecure. If you are secure there is no need for victory or concern with something called failure, concern with being right, concern with something being wrong, concern with criticism or getting excited about praise.

When you have this kind of mind, obsessed with gain and loss, your mind will be unable to settle, your body likewise will not be settled. By you not obsessing with winning and losing you will win a life of harmony, a life without conflict.

Anger, the result of frustration, is like you are always in darkness, you cannot see anything. It is like dust that contaminates your mind, covers up your mind. You should perceive anger like having a poisonous snake in the same room as you; it must immediately be removed and made harmless, otherwise it will cause harm to you and others..

Through letting go of fixation, through changing yourself, you change the world around you. When your mind is not separate from that of Buddha, everything you see is that of the Buddha, everything you hear is the sound of the Buddhas; all the people around you are fellow Buddhas. They might not know it yet, but you can bring out the better part of them.

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