Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

What is the Difference Between Subjective View and Objective View

Subjective View is a manifestation of the Relative Truth. It is the personality-tinted perspective we have of the world, based on what we have been conditioned to perceive under the influences of image-orientated discernment, self-speculated interpretation, misunderstanding of knowledge, ignorance of principle-ethic, conceitedness, and fear of the unknown. Those who speak from the basis of the Subjective View do not see the world as it is, but are in effect describing their own assumption of what they think is the world.

Objective View, by comparison, is a non-biased perspective of the world as it truly exists. Its interaction with the world is based on time-proven principle-orientated ethics unadulterated by deceit or hypocrisy, for it arises from one's aspiration to seek out the Ultimate Truth of Reality. By the understanding of Objective View, all existence is, in effect, interconnected by a range of relationships which we have cultivated with our true self, our self-perceived persona, our partners, our parents, our friends, the transient state of our environments, and all manner of phenomena which occur around us. Under the influences of Subjective View, our responses to the confrontation of conflicts often involve some type of interactive rivalry centering around our desire to manipulate the outcome of the situation if it suits our agenda or grudgingly compromising ourselves when we are unable to do so. It is thus by far most beneficial to cultivate an Objective View on all things.