Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

How does a Miraculous Feat come into being for a Practitioner of the Vajrayana Path?

For a practitioner of the Vajrayana Path, the ability to generate miraculous feats such as the manipulation of weather, distant healing and exorcism is the result of tantric development which gives rise to siddhi. Siddhi is traditionally regarded as the visible indication of the spiritual accomplishment of a practitioner of the Profound Path. One who has perfect mastery of siddhi - the realisation of perfect mastery over the energy continua of the mind, body and nature - is known as a mahasiddha. A fully realised mahasiddha is capable of revealing the pure taste of dharmakaya (the transcendent nature of the ultimate reality) through the manipulation of forms and matter. Famous mahasiddhas include Nagarjuna, Tilopa, Naropa, and Aryadeva - all of whom contributed greatly to the development of Tibetan Buddhism.