Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

What are the Progressive Stages of ‘Energy Transformation’ and the ‘Attainment of Wisdom'?

Energy Transformation commences with the cultivation of sincerity. Insight that comes forth through being sincere is termed as the transformation of nature. Sincerity that comes forth because of insight is termed as the action of edification. Where there is sincerity, there will likewise be insight. Where there is insight, there will naturally be sincerity. Only one who is absolutely sincere is able to cultivate their own nature. One who has fully cultivated their own nature is able to assist others likewise in their endeavour. One who can help others to evolve can also comprehend and cultivate the nature of all things. One who can fully cultivate the nature of all things can then be of service to the Divine in the transformation and nurturing of the universe. One who collaborates with the Divine may, with Heaven and Earth, form a trinity of an ultra-subtle matrix. Sincerity then takes on a structure and becomes perceptible which gives rise to lucidness. As the lucidness extends, it begins to radiate. Finally its luminance is able to affect the matrix of all things. By this influence, all things can be altered and transformed. Only one who embodies absolute sincerity can effect such transformations. Sincerity is likened to self-enlightenment; it is entirely self-motivated. It is the nucleus of all things; without sincerity, there would only be nonentity. Thus the action of sincerity is highly esteemed by the sage. The sincere one does not merely cultivate oneself; but also nurtures others. By way of self-realisation one attains humanity and benevolence. Through nurturing others one enhances one's own knowledge and wisdom. Soon the external and internal virtues of benevolence and wisdom are harmonised into one. Infinite and supportive, it permeates the matrix of all things. Only one who exudes absolutely sincerity can cocreate with the Divine, effect changes beyond the physical dimension through love, compassion and faith, and actualise whatever task one's mind is set to achieve.

When one abides by the Way of the Absolute Reality of All Things, one's Vibrational Pattern harmonises with that of the time space continuum of the universe. Like the passage of the seasons, one journeys forward and transforms each moment anew, co-creating all the while with the Divine. Blessed with wisdom and sincerity, one daily becomes more and more lucid and sublime. As one transcends the fear of the finite, separation no longer exists between the Self and the Source; unfolding a new chapter of further growth. Hence forth, the Spiritual Evolution for the universal-realisation of all things continues.