Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

How can Samsara be dissolved?

One cannot free oneself from samsara until one can recognise samsara as what it is. When one is incapable of recognising its causes, one is equally incapable of overcoming its influences. Samsara is in actuality karmic effects which cannot be resolved through intellectual reasoning alone, but through insight and corresponding action. To seek liberation through intellectual reasoning alone is to get lost in one's imagination and lose the capacity to recognise the essence of reality. Since samsara owes its existence to unwholesome karmic imprints, it can only be resolved when these karmic imprints are exhausted or rectified through the actions of wisdom and skilful means. This way, one can neutralise the karmic effects of one's current samsaric existence as they unfold, while consolidating the necessary prerequisites pertaining to enlightenment.