Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Why is it advantageous to follow Dharma - the Law of the Absolute Reality?

Dharma is but a designated name. It is the formless functional dynamic of the Absolute Reality of All Things. Its indivisible essence transcends time, space and phenomena, and its influence is inexhaustibly far-reaching. It materialises and dematerialises at will. Elusive as a form, but always true to its nature. Men who live in accord with the Dharma are bestowed with the spiritual insight and profound wisdom of the eternal. They accept and surrender to each and every experience they encounter as lessons waiting to be learned. The serenity and the attentiveness of their minds extend beyond the focus of the self. Compassion and reverence for all things flow easily from their hearts. Their actions always honour what is true to the Dharma, and not what is self-servingly convenient. They treat each challenge in life as an honoured guest, and neutralise what is at odds with harmony. Though seemingly void of readiness, they respond naturally to changes without misgiving, and flow with the ease of a river coursing its way to the sea. From tangible to insubstantial, they configure and adjust their alignment to the moment, renewing themselves continually as they co-create with the Law of Absolute Reality. With a still and tranquil mind, they comprehend the cause and effect of all things, recognise the impermanence of image and attachment, and intuitively delete those knowings that know no reality. Their every action is born of the purest innocence and simplicity which ensures that, wherever they are, whatever they do, changes will unfold naturally regardless of how hazardous they appear. That is why the sages of the ancients gave praise to the wonderment of the Dharma.