Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Milarepa – A Film Trailer

New to our Dharma Theatre is a trailer presentation of Tulku Sonam Rinpoche’s production of the story of Tibet’s revered saint, Milarepa. The film offers an introduction to the life story of Milarepa: the circumstances that led Milarepa to renounce his past negative actions and take up the path of Dharma, and the years he spent under the tutelage of the legendary Dharma Master Marpa Lotsawa, who subjected Milarepa to many trials and hardships in order to purify his negative karma and make it possible for Milarepa to receive the precious teachings of the Vajrayana, which were to guide him on his journey to enlightenment.

Milarepa’s story is an inspiration to us all, as he proved by his own life story that through a sincere mind of renunciationdiligent effort and pure devotion to our Guru, it is possible for us all to overcome our negative karma and attain the state of liberation in this very life.

To see the trailer, visit Dharma Theatre.