Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

A Letter From Mongolia

The Pathgate Institute has for many years maintained an on-going Pathgate Partnership Programme that provides sponsorship on education to many people from around the world enabling them to attend school and university. They include both children and adults from TibetIndiaBhutanNepalBangladesh,Mongolia and Ethiopia.

One such sponsored child is Erdenehuu who recently sent a letter and some photographs from Mongolia to our office. Erdenehuu, who has two brothers and one sister, has just completed his first year at school and successfully passed all his subjects in the 2nd grade. The subjects he takes at school include Mathematics, Mongolian Language, Human and Environment, Art, Music, and Physical Training. In his first letter to the Pathgate Office, Erdenehuu sends his greetings and thanks to those who have made this possible.

Pathgate Institute has a long-standing relationship in propagating Buddha Dharma in Mongolia since the 90s. Over the years, ten of thousands of Dharma books published in EnglishTibetan and Mongolian language have been distributed free of charge in every province across Mongolia. Funding has also been made available for the construction and renovation of Buddhist temples in Western Choir, Delgar Tsorgt and Gov Sumon. Other sponsorship includes the translation of Tibetan Dharma texts into Mongolian; staging of Mongolian Art Exhibition in London; and financial support for the schooling of numerous Mongolian children. Erdenehuu who is featured in this article is one of many children from a background of poverty and now enjoys the benefit of schooling made possible by the Pathgate Partnership Programme. Anyone who wishes to offer support to any one of the many projects we are undertaking may contact our office by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you wish to make a donation to any one of our projects, please click on Make an Offering.