Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Letter From A Beneficiary Of The Pathgate Partnership Programme

Congratulations to Dr. Sonam Topgyal, who has graduated last summer with a Bachelor degree of Medicine and Surgery in India. Dr. Topgyal was a recipient of an academic sponsorship provided by the Pathgate Partnership Programme.

Dr. Topgyal is currently undertaking his Internship Programme in a hospital in New Delhi and is already looking ahead to preparing for the entrance exam for post-graduate study to obtain a Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery degree (MD/MS).

In his latest letter to the Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies, Dr. Topygal expresses his thanks, "Do accept my heartfelt gratitude for your continued financial assistance. Had it not been for your timely support, I would not have possibly dreamt of coming this far."

Dr. Topygal believes he will be able to help provide effective health services to the Tibetan Community once his medical training is complete. We at Pathgate Institute of Buddhist Studies wish him great progress and continuing success in the Year of the Fire Pig.