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Urgent Fund Appeal for Tsepal Topkyed Hospital

Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital

In 2001, under the guidance of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital commenced construction, next to the location of Namdroling Monastery in Southern India. It was His Holiness’s wish that this hospital provide medical care for the approximately 4,000 ordained sangha of Namdroling Monastery, and to serve the many thousands of residents from the surrounding rural villages and Tibetan refugee settlements.

In 2010, Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital was registered as a forty-bed hospital. Due to the regulations of the Indian government to maintain its status as a registered hospital, much of the hospital equipment needed to be upgraded and new equipment needed to be purchased. Through the dedication and generous effort of many students from centres around the world, a fully equipped laboratory was established in 2011 along with a digital X-ray and tele-radiology facility, ultrasound scanning capability and an emergency care centre. This was made possible by the generous donations received, which amounted to $184,000 US dollars.

Young monks getting vaccinated

Recently the Indian Government informed Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital that for the hospital to maintain its status as a registered medical facility, they need to procure further equipment which includes a modular operating theatre, ICU recovery/post-surgery facility and labour unit along with dialysis facility, in addition to a fully equipped ambulance and a cafe/canteen. The cost for the required items and facilities amounts to $380,000 in US dollars. Approximately $100,000 has been raised. The Indian government has set October 2012 as the deadline for compliance. If the deadline is not met, not only will the hospital be shut down but a fine that would amount to at least $15,000 would have to be paid.

The Pathgate Institute has always been there to support the Hospital right from the beginning by providing medical equipment, medicine, generators, and running costs for many years. Right now Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital needs your support urgently if the hospital is to remain operational as a registered medical facility which is needed not only by the ordained sangha of Namdroling but also by the Tibetan refugees and the local population of many thousands. If you would like to support this project and help keep the hospital open, please send a payment through PayPal by logging into your PayPal account and sending money to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Students in the USA can make checks payable in US dollars to ‘Hospital Fund’ and send them to Palyul Ohio, PO Box 202, Richfield, OH 44286, USA. Supporters can also send donations to Pathgate Institute which will forward it on your behalf to the ‘Hospital Fund’. Please click 'Make a Donation' to donate through Pathgate Institute.