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Fund Appeal Success for Tsepal Topkyed Hospital

Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital

We are delighted to inform our friends and students from around the world that close to $400,000.00 US dollars were raised for the Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital in India. The amount of funds raised is deemed by the Hospital Administrator as sufficient to equip the hospital in a manner that will satisfy the demand of the Indian Government. Of the total amount of $238,000.00 US dollars offered by Pathgate Institute to the hospital fund appeal, nearly $67,000.00 US dollars came from donations from friends and students of Pathgate Institute from around the world. The remaining $171,000.00 US dollars were diverted directly from the funds that have been put aside over several years for the repayment of the outstanding mortgage of our Pathgate Dharma Centre in Athens. The transfer of money from the centre fund towards the hospital appeal was authorised by Lama Dondrup Dorje Rinpoche so that the Namdroling Tsepal Topkyed Hospital may avoid the imminent probability of closure. We would like take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to the generous support we received from our friends and students who have collectively played a significant part in the success of the hospital fund appeal.