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Important Announcement of Long Life Offering for Yangsi Rinpoche

Announcement letter of Grand Tenshug (Long-Life Offering)

The administrators at Namdroling Monastery in India have made a formal request to students of the worldwide Palyul community to support a Grand Tenshug (long life offering) during this summer’s enthronement of the Yangsi (reincarnation) of our guru, His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche. The message of the formal announcement is as follows:

"On the fourth day of the sixth Tibetan month (31 July 2014), the Yangsi (reincarnation) of our beloved guru, His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche, will be enthroned with an auspicious grand ceremony at the Palyul Monastery in Tibet.

The great kindness that springs from His Holiness’s vast compassion cannot be repaid even if we were to fill the entire three thousandfold world system with gold. However, in order to gather the two accumulations and also as an auspicious circumstance for our Yangsi Rinpoche’s precious life to remain firm for a hundred kalpas for the benefit of all sentient beings and the teachings, as well as to ensure that all his noble aspirations will be fulfilled without any hindrance, and specifically, since the enthronement ceremony will be the first enlightened activity of Yangsi Rinpoche, it is the utmost responsibility of all the students of His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche to make a Grand Tenshug (long life offering) with great joy, faith, and enthusiasm as this will open up the door to unlimited opportunities of auspiciousness for all."

We would like to call upon students of Pathgate Institute who wish to support this, to make contributions through our Pathgate account so we will be able to offer a combined offering on behalf of all the friends and students of Pathgate Institute. To contribute to this Tenshug Offering, please go to Make an Offering.