Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Dharma Practice Q&A

Buddhism has many aspects and rich in heritage. To meet the interests of those who wish to have better understanding of Dharma practice, here is a new Pathgate feature ‘Dharma Practice Q&A’ which is presented in a format of question and answer. Beneath are some samples of questions for the first instalment:

  • What is Buddhism?
  • What is a buddhist?
  • What is the foundation of the three refuges?
  • What is a Buddha?
  • What is the teaching method of a Buddha?
  • What is Enlightenment?
  • Which are the enlightened qualities unique to a Buddha?
  • How did Dharma come to this world?
  • What is the definition of a sangha?
  • Which qualities and  activities are unique to the dakinis?
  • How do you define vidyadharas? 
  • What is Rigdzin Düpa ?
  • What is the difference between pure lands and Buddha fields?
  • How can we purify past negative actions and restore positive conditions?

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