Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

- Discipline of Body, Mind & Spirit that based its Foundation on Qigong -

Professor Jiang Hao Quan demonstrates Xingyi Quan

What is Xingyi Quan / Hsing-Yi Chuan (Forms & Mind Boxing)?

Xingyi Quan is famed for its angular linear entry and the issue of explosive internal power. Created 800 years ago by Marshal Yeuh Fei as a means to prepare his soldiers for the battle field. There exist today two main branches of Xingyi Quan. Each with its own unique blend of flavour and characteristic:

  • the 5 Elements & 12 Animals System from the region of Shanxi and Hebei.
  • the 6 Harmonies & 10 Animals System from Henan.

Both systems develop hard energy on the outside that is complemented by soft energy on the inside - the exact opposite of Taiji Quan which aims to develop the energy dynamics known as 'Cotton Needle' - soft on the outside but hard on the inside.

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